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Nour Abi Saad

In Milan, and emerging from the Politecnico di Milano, her project won the competition for the temporary exhibition design "L'incanto dei Macchiaioli" (nov 015 - feb 016) for one the most prestigious and historical Italian museums, MUSEO POLDI PEZZOLI.

She has worked at MARIO BELLINI ARCHITECTS- one the most internationally renowned milanese architect and designer- for the design of the next museum "ANTIQUARIUM - Museo del Foro Romano" in Rome. There, she had the chance to work on the design of his personal exhibition at the Triennale di Milano ''Mario Bellini.Italian beauty'', and to develop various projects for Kartell, Citroen, Brera Observatory, and Meritalia.

Part of Connexpo group, Nour has worked inside EXPO 2015 on the exhibition design of "Confartigianato Design Awards" inside Padiglione Italia, and Somalia's pavilion.

Other collaborations in Milano were with Peia Associati, Tortona Design Week, Crea International, and Toncelli Cucine.

She is currently the Academic Tutor for the Master in Interior and Living Design at Domus Academy in Milan, supporting in parallel the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design.

Nour has been professionally active in Lebanon, where she completed several projects varying from residential to commercial design. Two main projects are the Art Gallery of Hollywood celebrity Sylvio Tabet, and the offices of Cliche VFX Beirut, a design and animation studio. She has also worked as an interior designer in a luxury furniture gallery in Beirut.

As a set designer, she conceptualised and executed filming sets for brands such as: Huawei P7, Voltaren, Nestle, and Dabur, collaborating regularly with film directors from around the world.

In 2015, Nour graduated from the Politecnico di Milano with a Laurea Magistrale in Interior Design (110 e lode) . She had previously completed a Bachelor in Interior Architecture at the Notre Dame University Louaizeh, ranking first at the Faculty of Architecture Art and Design, winning the Valedictorian of the Faculty Award.

In 2011, she had received the “Divine Details Design Award” for a graffiti coat hanger she designed.

Inspired by various art disciplines, and with an insatiable creativity, Nour has been an active professional Hip-Hop choreographer and face model for TV commercials.

Nour is fluent in English, Italian, French, Lebanese, and Arabic.