In this page, you may discover a brief presentation of the Thesis which I developed in the Politecnico di Milano for the Laurea Magistrale in Interior Design under the supervision of my tutor Beppe Finessi in 2015.

ABSTRACT (ENG):  The research is based on the abstract theme of “LIMITS” and will investigate thoroughly, and from different perspectives, disciplines and areas such as: Limits and space, flexible limits, transparent limits, confused limits, closed limits, the infinite without limits, limits and existence, limits and rules, and finally dangerous limits. This research develops by ordering and re-reading the works of artists and designers in social, spatial, formal, political and psychological disciplines. The research also spans over a broad view of the abstract concept of limits, and as a second phase is realized with experimental projects that typologically, morphologically and functionally demonstrate the theories investigated therein.

 (The original complete volume is a book of 430 pages accompanied with models and boards.)

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